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Removal of MonkeyTest and Time Service Virus on Android Smart Phones

Hey Androiders :p ! Now a days the trending topics in android community is the new virus which always shows in taskbar in smartphones is Timeservice processes & by going in Apps Tab You can see Money test there. Its a latest malware…


Clash of Kings Food & Gold Secrets

Credit goes to Orginal Writer : Dennis Chan ==Just a Few Simple Steps (w/ Pictures)== (updated 10th July 2015)Read Everything Before you give any Compliments… There  is no Such thing as a Hack or Cheat, Everything in the Game is  Server-Sided.


Method 2 : Downloading Udemy Videos

So, We can get the quality from free UDEMY videos. Just think about the quality which is present in the premium UDEMY courses free download. Is there a chance to download premium UDEMY lectures for free. Today we will focus on the topic “How to Download


Clash of Clans Windows Phone

Clash of Clans Windows Phone is a much requested game for all those windows phone user. Finally a working version of Clash of Clans for Windows Phone is released. You can get it on the download button below.   Clash of Clans can…