Hey Androiders :p !

Now a days the trending topics in android community is the new virus which always shows in taskbar in smartphones is Timeservice processes & by going in Apps Tab You can see Money test there. Its a latest malware in smartphones.

According to Norton, this is a malware that can consume enough space and drain your battery. Also, automatically install unwanted application without permission. As I mentioned before in my related post that I found out after extracting using APK Editor. I’ve noticed one of their code used “session id” it means it has access in your internet that’s why it can install unnecessary app when you are connected to the internet. I don’t know their main purpose but one thing is for sure it is like the other free apps with ads asking  to install their apps. I thought this malware possibly wants to earn money from their ads or maybe trying to access your account and information for their own purpose. So, do not ignore this and remove this malware as soon as possible.

Although complicated, the best way to remove this is format your phone and flash again your firmware or Stock Rom. For alternative way ,you need Titanium Backup Pro to freeze this malware to prevent from installing unwanted application.

Titanium Back Up Pro
1. Install Titanium Back Up Pro. Tap Backup/Restore. Then Tap MonkeyTest and TimeService.

Tap Freeze.

That’s it! Now Titanium Backup will freeze the malware to install unwanted application.
2. Go to settings > Security>uncheck Unknown sources
This time will also prevent installing application from other source.

3. Go to settings > Security> Slide On App permissions

This malware still under investigation. And still  we don’t know their main purpose and no reports of  hacked account. This is an alternative tutorial only to prevent installing unwanted app without permission. It’s up to you if you want to remove or ignore it. I  just warned you. And remember  the famous quote,”Prevention is better than Cure”.